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If You Want to Change the World, Change Yourself First

Simo the Mouse was different from the rest - he was the most peculiar mouse in the family. No one knew why he was white while all other mice were gray. There was not one other white mouse in the whole family. That was why, when Simo was born, everyone was in wonder, except for his mother, of course. She intuitively knew that she would give birth to someone very special, different from all her other children.

And so it happened as she had expected! Simo was white, completely white - he was a very special little mouse. Well, maybe he looked a little like his grandfather, Mishi-Mishi, who had white spots on his body, but a purely white mouse was born for the first time in the history of the Mouse family.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of this fairy tale is to teach children that every change begins on the inside:

  • “If you want to change the world… change yourself first!”

Many children feel that they are different from everyone else. Usually, they are gentle, sensitive souls, who suffer when others suffer. They want to live in peace and harmony, but do not always find them in the surrounding world. In the case of such children, it is good to speak with them and explain that they must not pay attention to others. You may advise them that it is best to be themselves and to seek friends who are more like them - gentle, benevolent and kind.

Other notable goals:

  • to instill confidence, a positive self-image and obedience toward their parents, they must also feel that they are very much loved (the child will always identify and empathize with the main character)

    “Simo was such a good and well-behaved child that you just could not help but love him. Most of all, he was loved by his grandfather Mishi-Mishi…”

  • to realize that there are other children who also feel different

    “Simo also felt different. That was why only he could understand Zoro’s pain. He suffered for him and very much wanted to help him. Simo was quite sensitive compared to the other little mice. For example, he would feel sad when the mice set traps for Zoro the Cat and then made fun of him.”

  • to help the child understand that to be different is to be special

    “Simo was white, completely white - he was a very special little mouse.”

    “… they began to boast about him to the other mice in the district.”

  • to teach the child always to believe in themselves and to follow their heart

    “Grandfather Mishi-Mishi said to Simo: 'Follow your heart!'”

  • to realize that when a person is raised with love, they grow up to be gentle and kind

    “Zoro had lived with a woman who had cared for him with so much love and perhaps that was why he became such a gentle and loving cat.”

  • to understand that they must not pay attention to the opinion of others. (It may be beneficial to explain to the child, that very often when someone has not been raised with love, they may act in ways that are rough and unkind. Instead of being upset with these people, we should accept them and pay little attention to their bad behavior.)

    “Zoro did not take offense at the other cats’ behavior. He understood that was their nature.”

  • To learn that we cannot change others, but we can give an example with our own behavior

    “…we cannot change others, the only thing we can do is give an example with our own behavior.”

  • to know that it is good to look for friends who also are gentle and kind

    “So Simo decided to become Zoro's friend.”

  • to feel calm and relaxed and to fall asleep much more quickly and easily

There also are other educational goals for the parents in this story. Could you find out what they are?

It is best to hug the child while listening to the story to express your warmth, love and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “How did Simo feel?…Why?…Is Zoro a good cat? Why?...and so on. This will help you understand what the child has been able to conclude from the story (you exercise their memory) and will help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from the fairy tale.

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