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Love Makes Miracles

Everyone in the forest knew the little fairies. Those marvelous, gentle beings could work wonders. And what was their wonderous power? It was, of course … love.

The fairies loved everyone and everything - the sun, the sky, the Earth, the forest, and even people.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of the fairy tale is to introduce the child to the most pure and sacred feeling in the world – love.

“Always remember: Love makes miracles!”

Other notable goals:

  • to stimulate a belief in wonders

    “Those marvelous, gentle beings could work wonders. And what was their wonderous power? It was, of course … love.”

  • to stimulate a genuine care for nature

    “…some day, humans would realize that they should not harm animals and trees, and would start caring for Nature.”

  • to teach the child that love heals

    “Because of their love, they were able to heal others. For instance, if a flower was ill, they would send their love to the flower and it would heal in an instant. Then they would send love to the humans and people would begin to feel very peaceful and happy.”

  • to teach the child that only through love they can be truly happy

    “The fairies happily gave their love to everyone day after day.”

  • to teach goodness and the understanding that it is wonderful to help those in need

    “I wonder what's wrong with this little bird?” Matias asked himself. “How can I help?” …He was wondering what he could do… Matias closed his eyes and with incredible love in his heart, silently said: “Please, fairies, the baby swallow needs your help! Help him!” …Matias ran to the baby swallow and whispered to it: “Don't worry, I called for help and very soon the fairies will be with you.”

  • to help them believe that they live in a benevolent and supportive world

    “As soon as the fairies heard his call, they started toward the meadow.”

    “That night, when Matias went to sleep, he remembered the little swallow and deep in his heart he knew that everything would be all right with the baby bird, because the fairies would be there to help.”

  • to help the child learn that love is a sacred force which works wonders

    “They knew that love makes miracles! This is why every fairy sent a light beam from her heart to the little baby bird - white, pink, violet, yellow, blue - 5 rays of light went straight to the baby swallow… Suddenly, the baby felt like it was held in the embrace of his mother, cuddled in a soft, warm and tender place. It did not take long before the baby fell asleep inside the warm loving light of the love sent by the fairies.”

  • to teach the child gratitude

    “It squeaked happily, thanking the little fairies for all their help”

    “She embraced her child and thanked the fairies for their help.”

    “Inside the heart of the little swallow, there always remained the memory of the love of the little fairies. And who knows, perhaps one day, the swallow will also send love to those in need.”

  • to feel calm and relaxed and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is best to hug the child while listening to the story to express your warmth, love and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “What is this wonderous power which heals?… Who helped the little swallow?… How? and so on... This will help you see what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and will help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from listening to the fairy tale.

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