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Frea The Little Fairy

Frea was a marvelous little fairy with transparent wings. She had beautiful blue eyes and a beautiful blue dress.

She, of course, was responsible for the blue flowers in the forest. Every day, she would lovingly walk among them and care for them by sprinkling the magical dust of “Love” on them, for as you know, without love, nobody and nothing can exist.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of the fairy tale is to teach the child to love themselves just as they are, because they are special and unique.

“Always love yourself, just the way you are, because you are special, unique, the one and only you! And there is nobody else like you in the whole Universe!”

Other notable goals:

  • to teach them to feel the love and joy in everything which surrounds them (the child will always identify and empathize with the main character)

    “Frea loved the forest. It was her home and she lived there happily with her family. Pure love poured from her heart and this is why she would sing songs all day long as she joyfully flew from flower to flower.”

  • to nurture a hard-working spirit in the child

    “Every day, Frea would go to the flowers to see how they were doing and to care for them.”

  • to stimulate them to believe in miracles

    “…care for them by sprinkling the magical dust of “Love” on them, for as you know, without love, nobody and nothing can exist.”

  • to teach them love toward the beauty of nature

    “One morning, when Frea woke up, she saw that the whole forest was covered in beautiful shimmering dew. The sun rays reflected off the little drops of dew and little shiny rainbows smiled from every drop. It was as if everything was covered in light. It was so beautiful! Frea happily left the house to delight in this marvel of beauty…”

  • to form feelings of happiness and appreciation

    “What a beautiful day, I am happy that I live in this forest, that I have beautiful blue petals, a healthy body, and clear mind, and that my heart is overflowing with joy. I love the rain, I love the sun, I love the sky, I love the Earth - it is beautiful to enjoy life - it is wonderful to enjoy life. Thank you, dear little fairy, that you care for me every day!”

  • to develop love for oneself

    “Look, my dear Violet,” said Frea,“I come to you every day to care for you and to give you so much love, but the truth is that even though you receive love from me, the most important thing is for you to learn to love yourself…”

  • to help them discover that all people are different from one another, and these wonderful differences make us special and unique

    “It is wonderful that we are different! You are colored in a beautiful shade of blue. You have warm brown eyes and long beautiful eyelashes. No one is quite like you! Not even other violets! You are all different, each one of you is unique.”

  • to remember that you must not compare yourself to others, because they are their own person, special and unique

    “Remember - never compare yourself with the rest, because there is only one like you, never to be repeated again!”

  • to learn that only if you love yourself can you be truly happy

    “Look at how happy the other flowers are. This is because they love themselves.”

  • to show the child techniques for forming self-confidence and love for oneself

    “…just begin to repeat to yourself every day: “I am special! I am wonderful! I am perfect just the way I am!”

  • to learn that our thoughts influence our bodies, therefore the love for oneself helps the body thrive

    “It is important, my dear Violet, that you begin to like yourself and you will see how your leaves will slowly come to life again. You must understand that they have started to wither only because they have felt that you do not love them Violet smiled. Her leaves instantly straightened. It was like they felt that she had started loving them again, and they freshened up at once.”

  • to feel calm and relaxed and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is best to hug the child while listening to the story to express your warmth, love and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “Why is Violet sad?…What did Frea advise her?…and so on... This will help you see what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from listening to the fairy tale.

There is a message for the parents in this story. Can you find it?

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