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The Little Fairies

Somewhere deep in the forest, far away from people, lived beings with little transparent wings. They were called fairies. They had built their beautiful home inside the trunk of a very old oak tree in the middle of a beautiful meadow. There, they all lived together in harmony and understanding.

The fairies took care of the flowers in the entire forest. They would clean and tend to them, they would water them with plenty of love. Yes, they would water them with love, because without love, nobody and nothing can exist.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of the fairy tale is to teach the child one of the most powerful techniques for forming positive beliefs. With the help of this technique, the child will feel confident and happy, creating miracles in their life.

“If you wish, you can try it too - become a magician like the fairies: pour water into a glass, sprinkle a pinch of “Love” and stick a label on it saying whatever it is you wish to become. During the next seven miracle days, drink from this water and every time you do, say to yourself whatever your label reads. For example: “I Can!”, “I am Brave!” or “I am Calm!” and you will see how this is exactly what will happen!”

Other notable goals:

  • to make the children aware that they live in a harmonious and peaceful world (the child will always identify and empathize with the main character)

    “There, they all lived together in harmony and understanding.”

  • to teach love for what we do

    “The fairies took care of the flowers in the entire forest. They would clean and tend to them, they would water them with plenty of love.”

  • to introduce the child to the purest and most sacred feeling in the world – love

    “Yes, they would water them with love, because without love, nobody and nothing can exist.”

  • to stimulate their belief in miracles

    “The little fairies had this miraculous ability - they would gather nectar from the flowers of the plants and sprinkle on top of it the golden dust of “Love.” They would then place this magic potion into small bottles, on which they would place labels - “I am Strong!” or “I am Brave!”, “ I am Calm!”, “ I Can!”

  • to change the thinking model from “I can't” to “I can”

    “For example, when the beetle Bobo was learning how to ride a bicycle and thought that he would never learn because it was way too difficult for him, the fairies gave him a bottle of “I Can!” After Bobo drank the miraculous liquid, he began to repeat to himself every day: “I can! It's easy to ride a bicycle!” And then, he really did learn to ride! After only a few days, Bobo was already riding around the whole forest on his bicycle.”

  • to form the belief of “I am strong”

    “And do you know what happened with Alfin when he needed to move a straw to his new ant-hill, but the straw happened to be so big that he could hardly lift it? The fairies gave him a few drops of the potion “I am Strong!” and, believe it or not, Alfin was able to carry the straw all the way home.”

  • to develop bravery and decisiveness in the child - “I am brave”

    “And how about Mecho, who was so afraid of spiders that as soon as he saw one, he would run as fast as his legs would carry him? He drank from the bottle labeled “I am Brave!” and not only did he stop being afraid of spiders, but he started to play hide and seek with them for hours on end! He would even take them for walks in the forest sometimes.”

  • to develop flexibility - adequate and appropriate reaction abilities - “I am fast when I need to be”

    “Well, of course, there was a solution - he had to wake up earlier. This, along with a few magic drops of the “I am Fast!” potion which the fairies gave him, made the Little Snail much more agile, only in a matter of days. So, he got to school on time. Whenever his Mom would tell him: “Pick up your toys, honey!” or “Come on, honey, it is time to go to bed!” he would get up quickly and, fast as lightning, he would do what his Mom had told him to.”

  • to help them believe that they live in a benevolent and supportive world, where all the help they need is available

    “And so the fairies helped the forest inhabitants feel better and become stronger, braver and more confident.”

  • to feel calm and relaxed and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is best to hug the child while listening to the story to express your warmth, love and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “How did the fairies help the forest inhabitants?… What labels did they put on the bottles?… How did they help Bobo? and so on... This will help you see what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired after listening to the fairy tale.

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