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Elias and Leo

Once upon a time, many, many, many years ago, in a place far, far away in time and space, on a beautiful planet filled with miracles and marvels, lived the unicorns.

Elias was their elder. He was white in color, with a majestic golden horn on his forehead and a soft golden mane which fluttered around his head as he galloped among the stars.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of the fairy tale are:

  • to teach the child to care for nature, along with qualities like goodness and bravery

    “Always be brave and good. Take care of Nature, because Nature is the most precious thing on planet Earth!”

  • learning goodness by understanding that it is good to help someone in need

    “…he was a strong and brave unicorn who knew the Universe well, because he loved to travel around it with his friends and help beings from other planets.”

    “One day, Elias felt that someone from his favorite planet needed his help.”

    “And so Elias and Leo started a movement that helped the whole planet…”

  • to love the Еarth and realize how beautiful it is

    “But out of all the places in the Cosmos, a beautiful little planet called Earth was the place Elias loved the most. He would go there often to enjoy the beautiful nature and to run freely in the green fields with his friends.”

Other notable goals:

  • to learn how important the trees are for the whole planet

    “These trees had been helping life on Earth for hundreds of years by cleaning the air. Without them, the oxygen on the planet would decrease and the people would not be able to breathe well.”

  • to develop love and care for nature

    “Leo suffered deeply for the forest, because he knew that it was important for all of humanity. He loved to play in that forest, to run after the butterflies and ladybugs all day, talking to the sequoias and the animals, completely entranced by Nature. He knew that very soon he would not be able to do this, because the forest was going to be destroyed.”

  • to believe that we live in a good and supportive world

    “That night, Leo prayed with his whole heart….And, as always, when someone truly loves, the whole Universe responds…”

    “That night, Leo dreamed of a beautiful unicorn named Elias. Elias told him not to worry and that everything would be alright.”

  • to teach love, compassion and friendliness

    “In the morning, Leo ran to the forest to tell his friends - the trees and the animals - about his dream. It turned out, however, that they already knew about his dream. You see, they had been good friends with Elias for years.”

    “Leo was so happy when he saw that his dream was real and that the beautiful unicorn had come to help!”

    “…when the time came for them to say goodbye, they hugged each other tight. Leo’s heart knew that Elias would always be with him, because their friendship was eternal.”

  • to teach the child to share what worries them

    “Elias said to Leo: “You must speak to your father and convince him that trees are important for the whole planet… Your father has a pure and good heart and I'm sure he will hear you out. Share with him how you feel and what you think…”

    “He told him everything: about his love of the forest, that he talks to the trees and to the animals and then he told him about Elias the Unicorn!”

  • to develop courage and determination

    “Be brave and speak to him. You have no way of knowing unless you try.”

    “Little Leo gathered all of his courage and said that he wished to talk to him.”

  • to strengthen the love between father and child (the child will always identify with the main character - when the main character feels something, so will the child)

    “His father listened to him very attentively and smiled gently…”

    “He gave Leo a big, warm hug and lifted him up in the air. Then the two began laughing and spinning around as they held each other tight.”

    “My son, you have opened my eyes! I see how right you are!”

  • to understand the importance of preserving nature

    “True, it took him a very long time, much research and negotiations, but all the people who came together to help him really proved that the forest is important for the whole Earth.”

    “…they also managed to prove that the Sequoia is one of the oldest trees on the planet. It was then that Sequoias were declared a protected species, and the forest itself became a national park, safe for all future generations.”

  • to feel calm and relaxed and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is best to hug the child while listening to the story to express your warmth, love and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “Why the Earth needs our help?… Why the trees are important for the planet?…What did Leo do?” and so on... This will help you see what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from listening to the fairy tale.

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