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How Lilly the Ladybug Overcame Her Fear and Became Stronger and Braver

Lilly the Ladybug was the youngest member of the Ladybug family. And of course, as the youngest, she loved to play most of all. Like many children, she had two favorite games: one was to run in the rain and the other, to play after school with her friends. Vicky, Micky and Kicky are Lilly’s friends. One day, these two favorite games came true at the same time!

Lilly and her friends were playing in the green meadow in front of the great old oak tree, where their classrooms were, when it suddenly started to rain! Lilly was so happy. It seemed to her that this was the happiest day of her life. She and her friends ran and laughed in the rain, jumped into puddles and had a lot of fun.


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То the parents:

The main therapeutic goal of this fairy tale is to teach children how to overcome their fears:

  • “When you are afraid of something, do not run from it, but bravely face your fear and you will see that it is not so frightening!”

Other notable goals:

  • to awaken the feeling of joy, lightness and happiness (the child will always identify and empathize with the main character)

    “Lilly was so happy. It seemed to her that this was the happiest day of her life.”

  • to teach a love of nature

    “…enjoy the beauty of nature… Lilly loved the forest, she was born there… She loved to breathe the fresh clean air filled with the smell of rain. She tended to every flower, smiled at every blade of grass, and was so happy to see how drops of rain sparkled in the sun with the colors of the rainbow. She was filled with awe for the incredible miracles of nature…”

  • to help children overcome their fear of doctors

    “Dr. Owl was a young and very nice Owl….Then, Lilly understood that Dr. Owl’s examination did not hurt at all; it was just that her fear of doctors was great….After this conversation with Dr. Owl, Lilly understood how very nice and kind he was. She had nothing to worry about anymore.”

  • to help children understand that it is good to drink freshly squeezed juice and tea while ill

    “She gave her a large glass of orange juice and, of course, throughout the whole day she made her large cups of herbal tea with honey to drink.”

  • to teach a technique for overcoming fear: one should not run away from their fears, on the contrary - one should face them in order to overcome them

    “Dr. Owl advised Lilly to play "Doctor" with her friends, so she could forever overcome her fear of doctors. He even suggested that her mother buy her the most beautiful doctor’s kit.”

  • to understand that with every fear one overcomes, one becomes stronger and braver

    “Thus, Lilly overcame her fear and became stronger and braver than ever!”

  • to learn that beyond every fear we overcome, there is a blessing for us

    “Who knows, she might even become the best doctor in the forest someday, because she would know how to be the best doctor for children who have a fear of doctors.“

  • to feel calm and relaxed, and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is good to hug the child while listening to the fairy tale to impart your warmth, love, and care. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together. You may do this as you ask them the following questions:“What did you learn from the Ladybug?…What did Dr. Owl recommend for her?”…and so on. This will help you find out what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from the fairy tale.

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