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Shushi the Cricket

Shushi the Cricket lived in a pea pod in the most beautiful meadow in the forest. Shushi played his violin all day long, because he really wanted to be like his father, the famous Cricket of the Forest Philharmonic.

His father was the best musician anyone had ever heard. He performed concerts for the whole forest. Shushi watched his father with great admiration and dreamed of becoming like him one day. So, he practiced from dusk till dawn on his violin, day after day. He played and played, firmly believing that some day he would perform a concert for everyone in the forest.


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То the parents:

The main educational goal of the fairy tale is to teach the child to be hard-working and to express their will if they wish to achieve something.

“With hard work and perseverance, you can achieve everything!”

Other notable goals:

  • to strengthen the love between father and son (the child will always identify and empathize with the main character)

    “Shushi watched his father with great admiration and dreamed of becoming like him one day.”

    “His father embraced him softly, and said lovingly: Therefore, do not give up, dear child. I know you'll make it. I firmly believe in you! I love you! Shushi wiped the tears from his eyes and hugged his father tightly.”

    “…the little butterfly was so happy to see the pure and sacred love between father and son.”

  • to acknowledge that every beginning is difficult

    “He had a very, very hard time. He would play the wrong notes and forget which note followed which. He simply could not learn this composition. Day after day he practiced and practiced, but there was always something not working out.”

    “You know, I too have had such moments. I sometimes found it very, very difficult when I was a child…Every beginning is difficult. A lot of practice and persistence are needed.”

  • to learn that you must practice if you wish to achieve success

    “She had also practiced very hard in her youth in order to succeed… She was an absolute virtuoso performer… because she achieved everything with a lot of hard work and perseverance.”

    “After a few weeks of continuous work, Shushi learned the piece by heart and performed it marvelously.”

  • to build faith and perseverance

    “Thank you, Daddy!” Shushi said and ran home to continue his practice…. He knew that he would make it this time.”

  • to understand that with every difficulty we overcome, we grow stronger

    “The next day, he came out on stage and said: “When you encounter a difficulty, do not give up! Rise bravely and roll up your sleeves! This is how you grow stronger!”

    “In fact, with every difficulty you overcome, you become braver and more self-confident.”

  • to feel relaxed and to fall asleep very quickly and easily

It is good that you hug the child as they listen to the story - thus the child may receive your love, care and warmth. After you listen to the fairy tale a few times, work to discover the moral of the story together as you ask them the following questions: “Who does Shushi want to be like?… What did the little cricket learn?” and so on... This will help you see what the child has been able to understand from the story (you exercise their memory) and help them reinforce the positive knowledge they have acquired from listening to the fairy tale.

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